• A wonderfully rhythmic rendition of an all time favorite hymn. Vocals by: Sharon Pantophlet, Pauline Manuel & Valya Pantophlet. Produced by Dennis van Putten
  • Author & Lead vocal: Michelle Dussard, Backup Vocals: Tamisha Wigley, Candice Lee-Hanson, Ad libs & Rap:  Rev. Dr. Nolan Nanton, Producer: Dennis van Putten
  • Vocals: Candice Lee-Hanson, Eveline John, Sabéa Nanton & Dennis van Putten, Produced by Dennis van Putten
  • Author/Lead vocal: Sharon Pantophlet-Gilson   Back up vocals: Sharon Pantophlet, Pauline Manuel, Valya Pantphlet   Produced by Dennis van Putten
  • A beautiful hymn that many may have forgotten is given new life in this rendition by the NTBC St. Maarten Praise team. Guest participation by Angie Pantophlet. Guitar: Dennis Davis, Produced by Dennis van Putten


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